Brush Cutter - MX27E

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The MX 27E is Maruyama's mid-range, loop handled brush cutter. Its powerful AE/NC, high-torque commercial-grade 2-stroke engine has a maximum power of 0.87kw/1.16 H.P.

The MX27E features an aluminium clutch housing for lightness and rigidity. In keeping with all Maruyama brush cutters, a 4-bearing supported gearcase ensures high shock loads are absorbed whilst at the same time reducing vibration levels.

Tap'n'go head, blade ready, and adjustable D handle come as standard.

A high-quality tool, the Maruyama MX 27E will suit both commercial users and discerning gardeners.

  • 25.4cc displacement
  • 0.87kW maximum power
  •  4.7kg dry weight
  •  Loop handle
  •  Vibration F/R 5m/s² / 2.9m/s²
  •  0.6L fuel tank
  •  Shoulder strap