SCH Large Capacity Plastic Body Trailer

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This Large Plastic Trailer fills a gap in our comprehensive trailer range where a bulk, rot proof, transporter is required.  The wide profile wheels, on four stud roller bearing hubs, fitted as standard, gives the trailer stability over rough or wet ground.  The chassis is built of strong steel giving the plastic body the necessary support.

Ametal buffer is fitted around the top roll of the trailer.  The trailer tipping device is simple to operate.  An extendable tipping handle makes the tipping operation an easy task.  The towing hitch is a 50mm ball coupling.

  • Body Width: 1000mm
  • Body Length: 1600mm
  • Body Height: 500mm
  • Overall Length: 2440mm
  • Overall Width: 1550mm
  • Capacity: 690 litres/500kg