Princess 38Li

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Li battery-powered mower with a 500W motor resulting in snag-free mowing.

The rear roller ensures a striped effect. Its 38cm cutting width and a 40-litre grass bag capacity makes this a great mower for the small to medium lawn.

Supplied with charger and two 2Ah batteries – use one and have the other on charge!

This superb hand-propelled battery-powered mower from the Freedom48 range has every feature you need to produce a perfect lawn finish.

The Princess 38Li is quiet, light, and being battery operated you don’t have long leads snagging on plants, furniture and steps. There are six changeable cuttings heights, all from one simple to use handle, and you have the choice to either collect the cuttings or to mulch them to add essential nitrogen-rich fertiliser back onto the lawn. If collecting the cuttings, the grass collection box has a full window to check on the progress of filling.

The Princess 38Li is easy to manoeuvre around any small garden. Two 2Ah batteries and a standard charger are supplied with the mower. A front comb eases grass up to be cut, the 38cm wide blades create a sharp, clean cut and the rear roller produces the perfect striped effect.

The mower has a polypropylene body making it durable and comes with a 2-year warranty.