TRUST ECHO JAPAN TECHNOLOGY You know that equipment designed in Japan will be reliable. Well built. Dependable. Professional. Durable. Japan is the home of technological craftsmanship and the nation has won international respect for its manufacturing expertise. This global standard also extends to the equipment we manufacture and we are proud to be counted among those companies that help Japan maintain its reputation for the quality of its engineering and technology. 100% PROFESSIONAL GRADE ECHO only builds equipment to one standard – professional. We manufacture products to suit the environment in which they will be used and the job they will be doing, and each piece of equipment is as durable as we can make it. We test our products in punishing conditions to ensure that they are capable of whatever you demand from them. So even if you don’t use ECHO equipment professionally, the products you buy are already being used by people who do. 2 YEAR PROFESSIONAL WARRANTY Yes, you did read that right. You can have absolute confidence in our equipment. ECHO is designed to be durable and to do what you ask it, wherever you take it. Not only that, our products are built to the highest standards of quality and performance. Our warranty is our statement of confidence and our badge of honour. 5 YEAR DOMESTIC WARRANTY 5 years is a long time. Longer than you’ll get from most of the equipment you buy. That’s because we stand behind our products. We’ve been building equipment for professionals for over sixty years and that has given us an exceptional level of engineering and manufacturing expertise. As a home owner, you want long-term dependability enjoyed by professionals, and a well-built product that you can buy with

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