Mountfield 1330M

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For anyone with a garden up to 1 acre in size, the Mountfield 1330M is the garden tractor of your dreams.

The twin-blade cutting deck sports two asynchronous blades producing a superb cut and the cutting width is an eye-watering 84cm – large areas of grass don’t stand a chance with this model.

For any grassy area up to one acre in area the 1330M is the beast to use!

The powerful 352cc Mountfield ST 350 engine and eye-watering 84cm cutting width make light work of larger areas. Visibility is superb; manoeuvrability slick and cutting precision is quality.

Clippings are collected in the 200-litres (yes, 200-litres) rear-mounted collector that can be emptied without the user leaving the comfort of the raised driving seat. This is a superb garden tractor and if a tow hitch is fitted a whole new world of accessories and activities open up.

It is solid, robust, dependable and super-efficient. It’s also fun to use. It is backed up with a three-year warranty.